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Namaste!! Warm welcome to the Nepal Tea & Coffee Bank. Nepal Tea & Coffee Promotion Center is best Tea & Coffee Sourcing hub of Nepal Tea & Coffee. We are promoting Nepal Tea Farmers, Cooperative Tea Farmers and Small Tea Processing Unites, the real source of rare & Organic Tea. We export Nepal Tea & Coffee as the best Quality from The Himalayas.

"A Symbol of Quality from the Top of the World"

Nepal Tea and Coffee Promotion Center is one of the well-established company producing and sourcing high quality Nepal tea and coffee from the heart of the Himalayas. We are proud to introduce our brand TEALAYA with the finest and high quality tea from eastern part of (Ilam) Nepal to bring the world's best flavors to global audience. We offer extends from classic verities to specialist blends. We possess an experienced team of Tea Experts and Marketing Specialist. We keep the excellent cooperation with many tea producing areas as well as we promote and market Co-operatives' Tea. We just not sale the tea but the rare, organic and pure flavor of tea from the Himalayas. As well as tea we have a finest, richest flavourful "Arabica "- Bourbon speciality coffee beans. Nepal coffee is organically grown in the sloppy terrace foot-hills of Nepalese mountains at 1200 to 1600 meters altitude. It is enriched with aroma and Himalayan fragrance that leaves lasting taste to your tongue, will surely make you smart and Confident. Gulmi, Palpa, Syangja and Lalitpur is recognize as coffee pocket areas of Nepal. Small farmers and cooperative's Coffee is our selection.

Why Tealaya?

  • Co-operative Production
  • The level of ECGC is higher in White, Green and Oolong Teas.
  • Eco- Friendly Grown
  • Fair Price
  • Health Drink
  • Just Tea

Health Benefits of Organic Tea

  • Tea contains ECGC (antioxidants) Provides protective antioxidants action against harmful free radicals in the human body.
  • The level of ECGC is higher in White, Green and Oolong Teas.
  • Pure tea controls high Blood pressure.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Level.
  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Helps in Weight Loss.(Oolong Tea)
  • Deters Food poisoning.
  • Prevents Skin diseases.
  • Helps stop cavities and tooth decays.
  • Lowers insulin and cortisol to slow aging.
  • Guards inflammation of the liver.
  • Stops fat build up by cutting off glucose movement in fat cells.

"Outstanding tea and service! Love Nepal - Love Tealaya!"

Noelene Molloy

"The best tea is the Nepal Tealaya..Unique and special ........"

Sandra Gonzalez

"A place to get the best Nepalese tea experience in Kathmandu"

Ernestas Klevas

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-Sonam P Lama
Tea designer

Tea reflects humanity and the core ethics of eastern culture. In Sakhejung -a tea farmer offers salutation to the environment, soil and culture. It is tough to grow tea and even tougher to wait for the yield because tea grows slow in the Himalayas. As an expert I must honor the farmers' of Sakhejung who have amazingly adapted and learned the methods of tea both agriculturally as well as industriously.

Today, tea has become a livelihood of many farmers and it must have been difficult for them to evolve in such a graceful culture. Sakhejung tea is a must try because it exhilarates uniqueness and exhibits liveness.

The rhythm of the micro-agro climate of Sakhejung is just relative to the qualities of tea that this little village delivers every year, unequal to any descriptions. As a teaist I would love to spend time in Sakhejung and fill myself up with tea, anytime.


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